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Long Beach Marathon
   City of Long Beach Streets Long Beach, CA
   Sunday, October 13, 2002

Hyper Racing Wins the Long Beach Marathon World Cup!
Photos and story courtesy of Hyper Racing and Jim Larson.

Long Beach, California October 13, 2002 Hypers World Champion, Diego Rosero, dominated the Long Beach Marathon by initiating a three man breakaway.
The 2002 Long Beach Marathon turned out to be pretty challenging as the racers from Hyper, Salomon, Verducci and K2 were quickly introduced to very diverse race coarse with many turns, hills and even major wet spots. World Champions Diego Rosero and Chad Hedrick led the way for the Hyper Race team as they quickly took charge in the early miles of the marathon. With a Break-Away strategy in mind the two skaters from Hyper launched numerous attacks early on. Entering the 15K mark, Hypers Diego Rosero attempted to break away pulling Jr. World Champion with him. Mantia managed to stay with Rosero for a short period as the race entered a very narrow part of the coarse. About half way through the race the pro-mens pack was split in two as the main field basically went the wrong way on the coarse. Once field re-grouped the chasing was left up to teams K2 and Verducci. As the pack quickly regained composure, Rosero launched a major attack with K2s Josh Wood and Salomons Dirk Breder in tow.

Eventually the break away trio was out of sight and out of mind. Rosero and Wood managed to share the work equally to keep the break away clear of the main pack. As the break away entered the final 2 kilometers, Rosero began to set up for his final attack to the finish. Within the final 300 meters Diego Rosero broke free, out sprinting Josh Wood and Dirk Breder for the 2002 Long Beach Marathon win. After Rosero clinched the win for Hyper the main field of skaters strolled in with Empires Brett Whitman leading the way with Verduccis Forth Lacey and Hypers Chad Hedrick close behind.

In the pro-womens race Hypers plan of attack was to get at least one skaters away on a break away. Hypers Heather Elliott and team Safes Kim Butler managed to sneak away from the pack on an early attack. Elliott and Butler would eventually build a 45 second lead ahead of the main pack. With 10K remaining Elliott and Butler were swallowed up by the chase group. As the pro women entered the final 300 meters, Cecilia Guzman, from the Colombian national team, began her incredible sprint to the finish with Julie Glass, Kimberly Derrick and Heather Elliott in tow. Cecilia Guzman held on for the win with Glass and Derrick finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively.


Pro/Elite Division Top Ten

Pro Men

1 Diego Rosero - Hyper
2 Josh Wood K2
3 Dirk Breder - Salomon
4 Bret Whitman - Empire
5 Fourth Lacey - Verducci
6 Chad Hedrick - Hyper
7 Jason Sepulveda - Verducci
8 Steven Krawulski - Verducci
9 Terence Allmond - empire
10 Jordan Nelson - Simmons

Pro Women

1 Cecilia Guzman Colombia National
2 Julie Glass - Powerslide
3 Kimberly Derrick Hyper
4 Heather Elliott - Hyper
5 Kim Butler - Safe
6 Jillian Rookard EC Beast
7 Brittany Bowe - Verducci
8 Mallory Pracale - Mogema
9 Amy Printzen - Hyper
10 Erin Dijulio - Mogema

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