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   Monday, February 10, 2003

Controversy in Las Vegas 
A Verducci Vegas Sweep for the Pro Elite Ladies Overall.
*Photos/Story - HYPER'S JIM LARSON

Pro Elite Men 20k

Jordan Malone, Diego Rosero, Terrence Almond, broke from the field trading off leads to maintain a sizeable gap. Leaving the race for 4th place it looked as though the top 3 would cross the line in a field sprint for a 1, 2, 3 finish. Malone of Rollerblade, Rosero of Team Hyper, and Allmond from Verducci, went on to lap the entire field with 10 laps remaining. The pace picked up and the strategies started to form, the top 3 were making their way through the field. Rules announced by the officials of the meet were that in the event of the field being lapped by the lead skaters, the lead skaters must remain free of contact in the field. Allmond of Verducci was issued a verbal warning for not giving up his position within the field as Malone and Rosero held their position in the rear of the pack. Another warning went to Jason Sepulveda for pushing his teammate. With 1 lap to go it was Rosero initiating the sprint with Malone and Jorge Botero in chase. Malone went to the front taking charge as Botero of Rollerblade interfered with Rosero of Team Hyper for the 2nd spot, Botero being a lapped skater should NOT have been in the middle of Malone of Rollerblade or Rosero of Hyper. Crossing the line it was Malone/Rollerblade taking the win, followed by Rosero/Hyper and Almond in that 3rd spot from Verducci. This controversial finish was discussed and reviewed and Botero of Rollerblade was later DECLASSIFIED 3 positions, NOT DISQUALIFIED, by the officials thus moving him further into the field, giving him 7th place for the 10k.

21k Mens's Results
1. Jordan Malone/Rollerblade
2. Diego Rosero/Hyper
3. Terrence Almond/Verducci

Pro Elite Women 21k

Racing strategy picked up quick in this one, with Jilleanne Rookard of Verducci National taking control immediately. Rookard built her lead to over a 10 second gap on the rest of the field. Chased down by Teresa Cliff of Verducci International, pulling the rest of the field closer and closer. Cliff was then followed by Smith and Rookard of Verducci. The girls from Mogema/Labeda stayed put as Pracale gave a shot at a break away, only to be reeled back in by this strong field of Elite Women. The top 3 from Verducci took this race from start to finish with Hypers Kimi Butler bringing home the 4th spot.

Pro Elite Women 21k
1. Teresa Cliff/Verducci Intl.
2. Jessica Smith/ Verducci Intl.
3. Jilleanne Rookard/Verducci Natl.

Pro Elite Men 1000m
1. Jordan Malone/ Rollerblade
2. Jorge Botero/Rollerblade
3. Diego Rosero/Hyper

Pro Elite Women 1000m
1. Jessica Smith/Verducci Intl.
2. Teresa Cliff/Verducci Natl.
3. Kimi Butler/Hyper

Pro Elite Men 5000m
1. Jordan Malone/Rollerblade
2. Jorge Botero/Rollerblade
3. Joey Mantia/Verducci

Pro Elite Women 5000m
1. Teresa Cliff/Verducci Intl.
2. Jilleanne Rookard/Verducci Natl.
3. Ashley Horgan/Rollerblade

Pro Elite Men overall
1. Jordan Malone/Rollerblade
2. Diego Rosero/Hyper
3. Jorge Botero/RollerBlade
4. Joey Mantia/Verducci

Pro Elite Ladies Overall
1. Teresa Cliff/Verducci
2. Jessica Smith/Verducci
3. Jilleanne Rookard/Verducci
4. Kimi Butler/Hyper

Pro Master Men Overall
1. Norm Kirby/Simmons
2. Jim Larson/Hyper
3. Michael Stieb /Front Range

Pro Master Ladies Overall
1. Mechele Busby/Triad-Sunrise Speed
2. Denise Larson/Capital City Racing
3. Cathy Ream/Southgate Speed

Diego Rosero, Jordan Malone and Terry Allmond cooperate on a break and lap the pack.







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