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2003 Ohio Speedskating Tour #3
   Rollarama Skating Center Marion, OH
   Wednesday, January 01, 2003

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Another great turnout for all who attended.  The Ohio Buckeye Speedskating League is gaining support from multiple states and is gaining a reputation for harboring some of the regions finest athletes.  The race action was quite exciting with many spills, thrills, and chills.  Amazing performances by Wisconsin's Justin Kubichek (Team X-Cel) along with the rest of the Team X-Cel who shut out many prized titles and divisions.  Special thanks to Pepsi for sponsoring the event.  Only three weeks before the next stage rolls across the great Buckeye state!

Senior/Elite Men

1.  Justin Kubichek (Team X-Cel)
2.  Rob Campbell (Team X-Cel)
3.  Brandon Derrick (Team X-Cel)
4.  Keith Ellsworth (NEO Speed Skating)
5.  Eric Fischer (Team Wisconsin)
6.  Jason Isaacs (Team X-Cel)
7.  Jeremy Roark (Team X-Cel)
8.  Mike Bowser (NEO Speed Skating)
9.  Sean Bratton (Team X-Cel)
Nick Craig (NEO Speed Skating)
Brad Waldbauer (NEO Speed Skating)
Lamar Melton (NEO Speed Skating)
Randy Bowman (NEO Speed Skating)

Senior Ladies

1.  Kimberly Derrick (Team X-Cel)
2.  Gianna Guerrino (Olympic Speed)
3.  Brittany Barker (Team X-Cel)
4.  Anna Naelitz (NEO Speed Skating)
5.  Tracy Parrish (Team X-Cel)

Junior Men

1.  Justin Kubichek (Team X-Cel)
2.  Eric Fischer (Team Wisconsin)
3.  Mike Stratton (Ohio Eliminators)
4.  Shaunacy Sutter (Team X-Cel)
5.  Travis Smith (Newark Speed)

Junior Ladies

1.  Brittany Barker (Team X-Cel)
2.  Kimberly Derrick (Team X-Cel)
3.  Pam Harsch (NEO Speed Skating)
4.  Anna Naelitz (NEO Speed Skating)

Sophomore Men

1.  Travis Smith (Newark Speed)
2.  Shaunacy Sutter (Team X-Cel)
3.  Tim Grove (Team X-Cel)
4.  Buddy Gurr (Team X-Cel)

Sophomore Ladies

1.  Sarah Barker (Team X-Cel)
2.  Ashlee Bender (Team X-Cel)
3.  Sheena Freeman (Team Marysville)
4.  Stephanie Sutter (Team X-Cel)
5.  Kassandra Smith (Newark Speed)

Classic Men

1.  Joe Smith (Olympic Speed)
2.  Roy Nave (NEO Speed Skating)
3.  Trent Doughty (Team X-Cel)
4.  Chris McKee (Newark Speed)

Master Men

1.  Roy Nave (NEO Speed Skating)
2.  William McConaha (Team Marysville)

Veteran Men

1.  Rocky Jones (Team X-Cel)
2.  John Nardozzi (Reva/Syracuse Striders)
3.  Joe Brletich (NEO Speed Skating)

Esquire Men

1.  Jim White (Team Wisconsin)
2.  Marvin Cottrell (NEO Speed Skating)
3.  Bob Kuta (Rockets)

Elementary Girls

1.  Amber Burton (Team Marysville)
2.  Casey Gahan (Team X-Cel)
3.  Bridget Nulty (Team X-Cel)
4.  Britnee Simms (Team X-Cel)
5.  Ariel Nulty (Team X-Cel)

Freshman Girls

1.  Emily Barker (Team X-Cel)
2.  Sarah Barker (Team X-Cel)
3.  Sheena Freeman (Team Marysville)
4.  Casey Gahan (Team X-Cel)

Freshman Boys

1.  Kenny Perkins (Ohio Eliminators)
2.  Max Kocher (Newark Speed)
3.  Eric Wright (NEO Speed Skating)

JO Juvenile Boys

1.  Alex Moore (Team Wisconsin)
2.  Jesse Via (Team Marysville)
3.  Luke Shirk (Team Marysville)
4.  Taylor Scheffler (Team X-Cel)
5.  Zechariah Converse (Team X-Cel)

JO Juvenile Girls

1.  Meredeth Eastman (Team Marysville)
2.  Shai Jones (NEO Speed Skating)
3.  Kylee Garrett (Team X-Cel)
4.  Malarie Haddeha (Team Marysville)
5.  Tiarra Perkins (Ohio Eliminators)

JO Elementary Boys

1.  Cameron Pavey (Ohio Eliminators)
2.  Ben Parks (Ohio Eliminators)
3.  Joe Benjamin (Team Mayrsville)
4.  Zak Pavlons (Team X-Cel)
5.  Brian Limke (Team X-Cel)

JO Elementary Girls

1.  Jena Garrett (Team X-Cel)
2.  Lonna Kissling (Team X-Cel)
3.  Brittany Perkins (Ohio Eliminators)
4.  Kayla Baker (Newark Speed)
5.  Kavitha Bagavando (NEO Speed Skating)

JO Freshman Boys

1.  Kenny Perkins (Ohio Eliminators)
2.  Max Kocher (Newark Speed)
3.  Eric Wright (NEO Speed Skating)
4.  Drew Emerlander (Team X-Cel)
5.  Clayton Pieropan (Reva/Syracuse Striders)

JO Freshman Girls

1.  Julia Salsgiver (Ohio Eliminators)
2.  Elizabeth Mraguaz (NEO Speed Skating)
3.  Kristina Glisson (Team X-Cel)

JO Sophomore Men

1.  Brandon Penwell (Ohio Eliminators)
2.  Kyle Purdy (Team Marysville)
3.  Darren Harrison (Ohio Eliminators)
4.  John Bintz (Newark Speed)
5.  Billy Montgomery (Ohio Eliminators)

JO Sophomore Ladies

1.  Amanda Ellsworth (NEO Speed Skating)
2.  Megan Getz (Salem Vipers)

JO Junior Men

1.  Mike Stratton (Ohio Eliminators)
2.  Mike Pizzino (Newark Speed)
3.  Devin Green (Olympic Speed)

JO Junior Ladies

1.  Pam Harsch (NEO Speed Skating)

JO Senior Men

1.  Mike Bowser (NEO Speed Skating)
2.  Dan Steiman (Team X-Cel)
3.  Sean Bratton (Team X-Cel)

JO Classic Men

1.  Chris McKee (Newark Speed)
2.  Brent Leaman (Newark Speed)
3.  Mike Skidmore (NEO Speed Skating)
4.  Dennis Miller (Team Marysville)

Recreational B Boys

1.  Cody Trimble (Rockets)
2.  Kyle Trimble (Rockets)
3.  Ricky Elswick (Rockets)

Recreational B Girls

1.  Deja Rizzo (Rockets)
2.  Allison Jones (Salem Vipers)

Recreational C Men

1.  Matt Bellito (Salem Vipers)


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