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RSO Interclub #3
   Forum Roller Rink Cambridge, Ontario,
   Saturday, February 01, 2003

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The third race of the 2002/ 2003 Roller Sports Ontario Indoor season took place on February 1st at the Forum Roller Rink in Cambridge. The floor condition was much grippyer than the previous January interclub meet in Mississauga, which made for some continued racing action in all the categories. Some of the highlights of the meet included Mark Moonigan diving for his relays partner, Sue Burnside, who accidentally came out early for the relay exchange. They made their tag just within the relay exchange zone. In the Senior Men's category, Benoit Joubert flipped head over heels while racing Rhett Cappleman to the line, and as Peter Knight came to the finish line, Joubert dove for the line, but was edged out my Light. The last race of the meet was the 2 mixed senior where in the last exchange, Tatia Wallace and Beth Clarke raced for the line, and Tatia Wallace came first across the line, but Both Clarke and Wallace failed to stop after their race was over and so both teams were declassified.

The next interclub meet will take place at the Scooters Roller Palace in Mississauga on March 23rd, 2003.


In the 700 meter race, Carolyn Gullo pulled a move on Sue Burnside and Burnside went down. Sigrid Ziegler pulled into the lead and held on for the win. The 1000 meter race featured Sigrid Ziegler pulling into the lead, but Carolyn Gullo did not hold back and took the lead 1/2 way into the race and managed to take her first win!

700 meter
1- Sigrid Ziegler- 1:38.88
2- Carolyn Gullo- 1:40.33
3- Sue Burnside- 1:48.31

1000 meter
1- Carolyn Gullo- 2:21.81
2- Sigrid Ziegler- 2:24.21
3- Sue Burnside- 2:24.49

Classic/ Master Men
With some skaters having a handicapped start, it was Herb Gayle and Mark Moonigan who provided the excitement in the 700 meter race. Gayle hunted down Moonigan, only to come shy of a win by a few wheels as the crowd cheered on the athletes. Going into the 1000 meter race, Herb Gayle discussed with his coach a better strategy; putting himself in as good as a position as possible to strike as early as possible. Ed Duncan took the start, but Herb Gayle passed Ed Duncan and caught Mark Moonigan like a freight train. Herb Gayle ended up taking the win with room to spare.

700 meter
1- Mark Moonigan- 1:19.74
2- Herb Gayle- 1:20.04
3- Ed Duncan- 1:22.15
4- Lanny Totton- 1:25.10

1000 meter
1- Herb Gayle- 1:58.70
2- Lanny Totton- 2:01.09
3- Mark Moonigan- 2:01.18
4- Ed Duncan- 2:02.28

Senior Ladies
The 700 meter race featured Tatia Wallace taking the lead for 5 laps, but being passed by Jacquie Raetsen and then by Beth Clarke. The three ladies stayed in that order until the finish. The 1000 meter race saw Beth Clarke take the lead from the start and hold off her competitors and take the win, while Jacquie Raetsen and Tatia Wallace battled for 2nd place, with Jacquie Raetsen taking the 2nd place honours after passing Tatia Wallace.

700 meter
1- Jacquie Raetsen- 1:23.91
2- Beth Clarke- 1:24.45
3- Tatia Wallace- 1:25.42

1000 meter
1- Beth Clarke- 1:59.36
2- Jacquie Raetsen- 2:01.87
3- Tatia Wallace- 2:05.99

Senior Men
The Senior Men category saw some excellent racing. In the 700 meter, Aaron Arndt took the lead with Peter Doucet in 2nd. Jamie Mack passed both skaters, but Doucet replied with a pass of his own on Jamie Mack. Mack held off Arndt and Doucet until the end, with Doucet taking 2nd. The 1000 meter race saw Jamie Mack handle the competition and take a 2nd win. Benoit Joubert flipped right at the line while fighting up-and-comer Rhett Cappleman for 4th spot. Joubert tried to crawl across the line for 5th, but was edged out by another up-and-comer, Peter Light.

700 meter
1- Jamie Mack- 1:19.09
2- Peter Doucet- 1:20.23
3- Aaron Arndt- 1:22.17
4- Rhett Cappleman- 1:23.08
5- Benoit Joubert- 1:23.58
6- Peter Light- 1:27.17

1000 meter
1- Jamie Mack- 1:54.10
2- Peter Doucet- 1:54.75
3- Aaron Arndt- 1:57.10
4- Rhett Cappleman- 2:02.51
5- Peter Light- 2:05.26
6- Benoit Joubert- 2:11.26

Junior Co-Ed

In the 700 meter race, Lindsay Chard pulled Chelsea Parry along for a few laps, and then Parry turned on the jets, passed Keri Chard, and took the lead and skated with enough speed to finish about 2 seconds ahead of Lindsay Chard. The 1000 meter race featured Keri Chard trying to fend of a strong Chelsea Parry, but Parry ended up being the quicker skater in the race and took the win.

700 meter
1- Chelsea Parry- 1:24.99
2- Lindsay Chard- 1:26.11
3- Keri Chard- 1:26.73
4- Jason Fischer- 1:27.93
5- Hui Chao Zhao- 1:28.92
6- Jeff Burnside- 1:31.30

1000 meter
1- Chelsea Parry- nta
2- Jason Fischer- nta
3- Jeff Burnside- nta
4- Hui Chao Zhao- nta
5- Lindsay Chard- nta
6- Keri Chard- nta

Open Races
The open 1000 meter race saw Jamie Mack and Peter Doucet exchange leads a few times, with Mack taking the win. Aaron Arndt sat back with Herb Gayle and Beth Clarke and managed to take the 3rd spot. The same occurred in the 1500 meter race, but this time, Doucet finished within a few meters from Mack. This race, Herb Gayle rolled down the floor and tried to catch Mack and Doucet, but both skaters were much too strong for Gayle to catch.

1000 meter
1- Jamie Mack- 1:55.23
2- Peter Doucet- 1:56.09
3- Aaron Arndt- 1:58.54
4- Beth Clarke- 1:59.13
5- Herb Gayle- 1:59.85
6- Lanny Totton- 2:00.34
7- Jacquie Raetsen- 2:01.62
8- Benoit Joubert- 2:15.92
9- Ed Duncan- 2:16.75

1500 meter
1- Jamie Mack- 2:52.65
2- Peter Doucet- 2:53.31
3- Herb Gayle- 3:00.20
4- Beth Clarke- 3:00.65
5- Aaron Arndt- 3:05.53
6- Benoit Joubert- 3:09.62
7- Ed Duncan- 3:11.22

Junior/ Master 1600 Mixed Relay

The teams were all back and forth, each taking turns in the lead. Finally, the relay team of Mark Moonigan and Hui Chao Zhao were just too strong for their opponents.

1- Mark Moonigan/ Hui Chao Zhao- 3:25.10
2- Jeff Burnside/ Chelsea Parry- 3:34.92
3- Lindsay Chard/ Jason Fischer- 3:32.02 (Declassified)

Senior/ Classic/ Master 1200 mixed relay

Mark Moonigan and Sue Burnside almost lost this relay when one of their exchanged went not as well as it could have. Mark Moonigan had to dive for his partner as the tag was made just at the edge of the relay exchange area.

1- Mark Moonigan/ Sue Burnside- 2:52.53
2- Sigrid Ziegler/ Carolyn Gullo- 2:54.83

Senior Men 2000 meter Relay

Action was back and forth and passing was furious in this race, as Benoit Joubert battled Peter Light, and Peter Doucet (Joubert's partner) battled Jamie Mack (Light's partner). Lurking in the shadows were Aaron Arndt and Rhett Cappleman. Doucet and Joubert were able to run away with the win by taking a 10 meter lead in their last 2 exchanges.

1- Benoit Joubert/ Peter Doucet- 3:50.99
2- Jamie Mack/ Peter Light- 3:52.89
3- Aaron Arndt/ Rhett Cappleman- 3:57.65

Open Relay
This was one of the most exciting relays in a long time, as Herb Gayle and Tatia Wallace matched Beth Clarke and Ed Duncan stride for stride. The racing action got hotter and hotter as the laps went on and the cheering got louder. In the last few laps, all the skaters turned on the heat, as it became apparent that this race would either come down to a one-lap-dash or someone making an error- and we all know that nobody wants the latter to happen. In the last exchange, Herb Gayle pushed Tatia Wallace and Ed Duncan pushed Beth Clarke- and the race was one. Clarke tried to pass Wallace, but Wallace dug deep and kept true to her line. In the last meters of the race, it was Tatia Wallace who kept the lead and kicked her foot across the line to take the win- BUT Clarke and Wallace were declassified and the win was awarded to Benoit Joubert and Jacquie Raetsen because Clarke and Wallace failed to stay at the wall when their race was completed.

1- Benoit Joubert/ Jacquie Raetsen- 4:02.20
2- Tatia Wallace/ Herb Gayle- 3:58.96 (DECLASSIFIED)
3- Beth Clarke/ Ed Duncan- 3:59.15 (DECLASSIFIED)
4- Lanny Totton/ Aaron Arndt- 4:12.74

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