Thursday, February 23, 2006
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Battle In Seattle
   Pattisons West Federal Way, WA
   Sunday, January 19, 2003

Here are some brief highlights from the Battle In Seattle....

King Jeremy Anderson smashed the 500M record with a performance of 45:33. If times were stocks, I'd be investing in Jeremy for Nationals this year. You can bet he is going to be a solid performer in Lincoln. Oh, and did I mention his 26:70 300M Time Trial? Yeah...this dude can move. The smoothest skater I've ever seen navigate a turn.

K2's youngest pilot JR Celski (Pattisons/ Mike Pattison) showed the kids a few years older than him that his time soon approcheth. JR challenged up into the Sophmores (JR is a freshman) and he took more than a few of them to school. He took 3rd overall in Sophmore and an impressive 2nd place in the Open event. Forget that JR's competitors were 2 - 3 years older than him and a foot taller. And forget that he came straight to the indoor meet from placing in a Short Track Ice speed meet. Just remember that this kid will be hot in Lincoln....again. JR's weapon of choice? K2 MOD X PRO boots and MOD 5X frames.

In the women's action, K2's Steph Brader (Tiffany's/ Dennis King) stole the show on her MOD X PRO boots. In fact, her performance was so seamless that it was almost boring to watch as with clockwork accuracy she would hit the throttle and simply walk away from everyone. Is there a clause to let the fast chics race the boys??? There should be...

A great weekend of racing. A big thanks to Mike, Kay & Shawn Pattison for working hard to ensure another great race.


Dean Burke

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