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2003 Ohio Speedskating Tour #2
   Collisium Skating Center Mansfield, OH
   Sunday, December 01, 2002

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The second installment of the 2003 Ohio Speedskating Tour was truly a great meet with a big floor and the race fans pumped for some excitement. In the elite rankings, we saw Kimberly Derrick steal the show in the ladies divisions while the big tamale, the elite men scuffled and raced under the slickest of conditions. Brandon Derrick (X-Cel) and Randy Bowman (Pyroapparel/NEO) both found themselves disqualified during the racing. As usual, there was a lot of horseplay and jockying for positions that led to a huge fall taking out all but three racers. Keith Ellsworth (NEO) took advantage of the mishaps and seized another Ohio title on the way to the overall title. Stage #3 racing continues near Mansfield in Marion, Ohio.

Senior/Elite Men

1.  Keith Ellsworth (NEO Speed Skating)
2.  Justin Kubichek (X-Cel)
3.  Brandon Derrick (X-Cel)
4.  Lamar Melton (NEO Speed Skating)
5.  Matt Davis (X-Cel)
6.  Randy Bowman (NEO/Pyroapparel)
7.  Brad Waldbauer (NEO Speed Skating)
8.  Nick Craig (NEO Speed Skating)
9.  Mike Bowser (NEO Speed Skating)

Senior Ladies

1.  Kimberly Derrick (X-Cel/Mogema)
2.  Gianna Guerrino (Olympic Speed)
3.  Anna Naelitz (NEO Speed Skating)
4.  Jen Morris (NEO Speed Skating)

Senior 2-mix 3000m Relay

1.  Kimberly Derrick & Matt Davis (X-Cel)
2.  Justin Kubichek & Brittany Barker (X-Cel)
3.  Anna Naelitz & Keith Ellsworth (NEO Speed Skating)


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