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Team Verducci UK Race Meeting
Team Verducci UK
Birmingham Wheels Adventure Park, England
Start Date:
Sunday, May 04, 2003
End Date:
Sunday, May 04, 2003
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Category Races 500 to 5000m and Devils
Race Type:

Team Verducci UK hosts the first Federation of Inline Speed Skating (FISS) event of the season in the Midlands with the following category races:
Cat 5: 500m and 1000m
Cat 4: 800m and 1500m
Cat 3: 1000m and 2000m
Cat 2: 1000m and 3000m
Cat 1: 1500m and 5000m
Cats 5 & 4: Little Devil
Cats 3 & 2: Little Devil
Cat 1: 10000m Devil fo rthe Keith Lee Boot Trophy
RAT races will also be available for non-licensed racers.

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