Sunday, October 23, 2005
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Great Lake Escape
Fat Rabbit Racing
Marblehead, OH
Start Date:
Sunday, September 11, 2005
End Date:
Sunday, September 11, 2005
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40K Inline + other sports
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The Great Lake Escape Triathlon begins with 8:00 am plunge from the Jet Express ferry into the cold waters off the shores of East Harbor Bay in Lake Erie. The ferry ride will be thrilling as there will be several hundred wetsuit-clad participants excitedly waiting to disembark on the journey we call, The Great Lake Escape! Your exact starting point will not be known until the morning of the event as the weather, currents, ebbs, and the season make it difficult to know the starting point in advance. Once the best way to have you swim with the tide has been determined, you will be poised to begin your morning exiting the boats feet first into Lake Erie. The start is a major adrenaline rush as you take that first leap to begin your 1.5K swim journey to the beach of East Harbor State Park. This is a wetsuit-mandatory swim.

The Great Lake Escape Duathlon is a 5K run/40K bike/10K run. The duathlon starts promptly at 8:00 am and will experience the first half (5K) of the run course before heading out on the same bike course as triathletes.

The Inline Skate starts promptly at 7:00 am on the same course used for the bike portion of the triathlon.

The Scenic Peninsula Ride & Skate: Upon exiting the waters at East Harbor beach, you will proceed to the transition area where you will begin your 40K bike journey around the historical Marblehead Peninsula. The 40K loop course is entirely on well-paved public streets and state highways. You will be treated to a fast escape from the transition as the first 10 miles out of East Harbor State Park are flat to slightly downhill and features a short out-and-back section along a fishing causeway. This section provides the only opportunity on the bike course to catch a glimpse of the competition. The course then weaves throughout the countryside, where athletes will ride through beautiful open fields, fruit farms and quarry lakes. The facade of fun begins in the back half of the bike course when you head into Marblehead and Lakeside where you will climb a slight uphill grade for 8-10 miles while enjoying views of Lake Erie and other attractions such as Cedar Point Amusement Park, golf courses and the downtown area of Marblehead. In addition, athletes will be able to see some sites of historical interest such as Johnsons Island (which was home to Confederate prisoners in the Civil War) and the Marblehead Lighthouse (the oldest working lighthouse in the Great Lakes). Finally, the course descends upon heading back into East Harbor State Park to the transition, where athletes will prepare to take on a daring 10K run.

The East Harbor Beach & Trail Run: The 10K (6.2 miles) run exits out from the front of the North Bathhouse. This challenging run begins at the North Swimming Beach House of East Harbor State Park where you enter the infamous Quicksand Crawl. A saving grace is the scenic views of the inner harbors (and all the fantastic wildlife) as well as South Bass Island (with Perrys Monument). Your journey will then take you into the winding wooded trails of Sidewinder Strand. Sidewinder Strand continues for a little more than a mile before you will turn around and head back towards the beach. At this point, you will be able to get a quick view of the competition. After hitting the beach for a second time, with views of Kellys Island, you will head past the transition area through gravel and grass into the dense vegetation and rolling sand trails of Jungle Alley. Exiting Jungle Alley with a quick left turn, it's off to the beach yet again (sans bucket and shovel) ... for a tour of the south end of the East Harbor State Park Beach. Finally, you will head towards the finish on a fast, flat, fire road, across some more grass and gravel to the spectator-lined finish chute. The finish will be next to the sports expo and registration where each finisher can declare I have met the Great Lake Escape finish and it is mine! (With deep apologies to Admiral Perry.)

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