Wednesday, November 02, 2005
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Apex, NC
Start Date:
Saturday, May 07, 2005
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Saturday, May 07, 2005
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Here is the deal!

I am planning an outlaw race in Apex, NC on May 7, 2005.

Outlaw racing is under the radar in with no officials, police support, tee shirts, or other trappings. Outlaws like raw racing flat out winner takes all.

The course for the race is a 20k section of rolling roads with almost zero traffic and only one intersection. We will have an outlaw helper at the intersection to control traffic. If the cops show up we will bug out like in the Fast and the Furious movie. You are required to watch the movie if you have not yet seen it.

On race day we will group skate the course one time so everyone knows the route then race it so you will get a total of 40k of skating. Entry fee is $20 with winner take all. Sk8Rcr is willing to put up $200 so we will have at least $200 of prize money. If we have 20 skaters prize money is $400 dollars. If we have 30 skaters the pot goes up to $600 dollars. With 60 skaters we pay $1,200. WINNER TAKES ALL!, second place whiners get nothing.

The racing will be fast and furious but the course is very safe since you almost never see cars on these roads. We will have some outlaw helpers working with us to block the one intersection on the course. The last mile of the course is up hill with a fairly hard climb to thin the herd for the final sprint.

Send an email to [email protected] to let me know if you are willing to put up or shut up with the outlaws. I will send race details out later. Tell everyone you know about the event. Consider that at this event you get the chance to skate with people that are faster then you and pour your heart into a race without paying a $90.00 entry fee for a plastic medal and a cheap tee at a Mickey Mouse race. The OUTLAW will be the #1 most talked about race on the east coast. I expect that we will have national champions and world team members at the event. The final pay out for the win will be over $1000.00 if we enough people to support the concept. For mear mortal skaters this event gives you a chance to skate 20k with the pros (initial warm-up lap). When the race lap starts most mear mortals will get dropped but chances are you will still have someone to skate with. After the race we will all go out to eat and get drinks at the local sports bar.

Chances are you will not be fast enough to win the race. The reason to do the race is that it will give you a front row skate seat where you can parcipate and be part of the event. Paying $20 for the chance to skate with some of the fastest skaters in the world seems like a fair deal to me.

To protect he guilty, Sk8Rcr's identity is top secret and will not be revealed so don't even try to guess who I am. You will learn who sk8rcr is on race day if you are brave enough to show up.


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