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NIRA Nationals
National Inline Racing Association
Dalanco, NJ
Start Date:
Saturday, April 23, 2005
End Date:
Sunday, April 24, 2005
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The National Inline Racing Association is proud to announce that the Holiday Skating Center in Delanco, New Jersey will host the 10th Annual NIRA Nationals on April 23 and 24, 2005. With once again returning to the East Coast, the NIRA looks forward to another exciting NIRA Nationals and competing on Holidays super fast 90 X 210 foot maple floor.

The 10th Annual NIRA Nationals combines the International Speed Skating format used for the FIRS World Speed Skating Championships and the Olympic Style Short Track Speed Skating. Add the voice of speed skating - Mr. Bob Justice calling each exciting race as only he can, and together you have the National Inline Racing Associations 10th Annual NIRA Nationals also known as the 2005 National Short Track Inline Speed Skating Championships.

The 10th Annual NIRA Nationals will once again provide the hundreds of skaters from across the country an opportunity to compete for seven Individual National Championship Titles. In addition, Three Person Relays will provide skaters the opportunity to win two additional National Championship Titles from the eighty seven being contested.

The competition will begin Saturday Morning, April 23, with the $2000.00 Dash for Cash. In this exciting event, each skater competes individually against the clock (electronic timing) for one lap around the 100-meter oval track defined by sixteen bright fluorescent markers. The skaters must use a standing starting position, which is also required for the World Championships, with the clock starting when the skater breaks the electronic beam at the starting line. This event allows the skaters to compete and develop their starting and sprinting skills necessary for International Competition. $100 cash prizes will be awarded to each designated group's overall fastest time. In addition, $500 will be awarded for the overall fastest mens and ladies time. The Dash for Cash time also determines each skaters qualifying heat and starting line position for the Individual Age Group events.

At the conclusion of the Dash for Cash, Saturdays Competition will continue with twenty-two Individual Age Group divisions consisting of three separate distances for each age group. Distances will vary from 200 meters to 1500 meters depending upon the age of the skaters. Saturdays events will be crowning National Champions for the long and short distance events.

Saturdays events will conclude with the exciting Last Man Out Elimination Races.
In this race within a race,the last skater, based on the last point of the last skate crossing the line on each designated elimination lap will be eliminated and must leave the race. When only five skaters remain, a three lap sprint will determine the champion. This challenging and exciting event crowns the Last Man Out Elimination Race National Champion in ten separate age groups.

Sunday, April 24, the Individual Age Group events will conclude with the tie breaking middle distance event. With each race in the Individual Age Group division being awarded its own National Championship. More than sixty National Championships will be awarded including each age groups Overall Individual Age Group National Champion determined by combining the three Individual Age Group division races.

Following the awards for the Individual Age Groups, the Points Races will be contested for the first time this year. Points Races bring a whole new excitement to the NIRA. With 3, 2 & 1 points awarded to the top three skaters on each designated points lap, the race is fast and intense with the winner being the skater who accumulates the most points and finishes the race.

The Championships conclude Sunday, with the skating of the Three Person Relay events. Based upon the relay formats from the FIRS World Championships and Olympic Short Track Speed Skating, the skaters will relay every one lap for the three person relays for each relays required distance. The relay events result in close racing,exciting lead changes and many of the Relay National Championships not being determined until the last push.

In looking forward, the2005 NIRA Nationals National Short Track Inline Speed Skating Championships will once again be more than just racing. It will be fun with friends, memories, medals, success and satisfaction, and the championships will ultimately bring the Olympic Spirit to life in skaters of all ages, resulting in benefits that go beyond simply winning a race.

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