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Cactus Classic VIII
Tucson In-Line Sk8 Club
Oro Valley, AZ
Start Date:
Sunday, November 07, 2004
End Date:
Sunday, November 07, 2004
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Marathon, including Pro & Fitness Divisions
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The Cactus Classic in November is the grand finale of the country's premier inline marathons and is without a doubt my personal favorite. It is like no other marathon in the country. One has not had the entire inline marathon skating experience until one has skated (and completed) the Cactus Classic. The Cactus Classic will challenge you mentally and physically and is the most rewarding marathon you will do regardless of whether you are a pro or a recreational skater.

The Cactus Classic should be on every inline marathoner's calendar. ...Craig Garcia

I loved the race! The only thing better than the beautiful high desert scenery is putting a race course right in the middle of it! The Cactus Classic had everything that a good race needs. There were the uphills, the long fast downhills, good quality competition, excellent organization, and the free massage afterwards. It was well worth making the trip from Seattle! Thanks! ...Sue Bream

What a fabulous race!!! It was so exciting in the Female Open category finish!!! I was in an orderly pack of 6 people, nearing the end of the final lap. We were soaring down Oracle, towards the right hand turn at Tangerine Rd., and I hear this booming, male voice yelling from behind us, "passing on your left". I think to myself, "I know that voice". It's Randy Cottew from Phoenix. I look in my mirror and I see a pack flying, approaching on our left. The cones are pretty close to us, don't know how they are going to fit (they managed somehow). Then I hear yelling, a commotion, female voices to the right of our pack. I see Michelle Gaylor and Penny Wright have hopped over the rumble strips, and are moving up the right side of our pack in the bike lane area. Basically, we were swarmed from both sides. The passing pack on the left converges into the attacking women on the right and they form a screaming, fast pack into the right hand turn onto Tangerine Rd., basically leaving a cloud of dust, and the pack I was in scrambling.

We all somehow made it down the fast, fast downhill on Tangerine Rd, and ended up in one large mass of people at the bottom. Then the final uphill to the finish line was before us. The attacks started and the finish was exciting!!!

The original trophies, and first place medals are works of art!!!! Thanks for a challenging, fun and exciting race!!! ...Florence

I just wanted to let you know it was the toughest courses I have faced, but one of the most scenic! In Florida, the only hills we see are called bridges and over passes! I thought everything you put together was first class! You have a great group of skaters from your area. I hope to see you next year! Maybe at Disney! ...Kevin G ...Clearwater Florida

I had a very exciting race Diana. I was able to stick with a small pack that was just at the limit of my abilities. The downhill sections of the course were a welcome rest from the climbs and gave us a thrilling ride! The turn onto Tangerine Road was truly exciting because of the dynamics there - I saw several people falling well off the pack because of a slight hesitation at the turn. There was no way for an individual to match the speed of the pack on that downhill section of Tangerine. The final hill to the finish took everything we had left and gave us a real sense of accomplishment.

Thank you for another wonderful event! ...Michael

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