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Athens to Atlanta
Atlanta Peachtree Road Rollers
Atlanta, GA
Start Date:
Sunday, October 24, 2004
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Sunday, October 24, 2004
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87 Mile UltraMarathon
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With 22 years of tradition, Athens-to-Atlanta is the oldest and most famous road skate in America. Starting in Athens, Georgia, participants skate through beautiful country roads and quiet suburbia before navigating city streets and triumphantly crossing the 87-mile finish line in Atlanta's Piedmont Park.

The course is challenging and requires experienced skating ability, courage, and stamina. Skaters who may not be ready for the whole 87 miles may opt for the 38-mile event which also starts in Athens, or the new 52-mile event which starts near Dacula, GA. Both four and five wheeled skates are welcome and anyone from 8 to 80 years old may enter.

Millions of skaters across the world wheel across pavement for exercise, fun, or friendship. Few distance events exist which really push the limits and challenge the soul. Give your skating a purpose and prepare this summer for Athens-to-Atlanta where crossing the finish line can be your greatest victory.

A famous American tradition, Athens-to-Atlanta combines the beauty of northern Georgia, the friendliness of the in-line skating community, and the rigors of distance skating. It's more than a road skate, it's the defining outdoor skating event in America.

So whether you elect the 38, 52, or 87-mile distance and skate on four or five wheels, the Event allows you to skate for time, for the challenge of finishing, or for the friendship of spending the day with people from all over the world.

All skaters except those in the 52-mile event start in Athens, Georgia, and roll through the rural Georgia countryside through the first two checkpoints to the 38-mile station. Here the 38 mile finishers take off their skates and cheer on the rest of the field as they attempt to conquer the rest of the course to Atlanta. Free bus service takes the 38-mile finishers either back to Athens or to the 87-mile finish line in Atlanta.

New this year, the 52-mile (double marathon distance) skaters will see off the 87 and 38-mile skaters in Athens at 7:30am, then board a bus to the starting line near Dacula, GA. Start time for the 52 mile event is 10:00 a.m. The 52-mile course loops around in quiet residential neighborhoods near Dacula, then joins the 87-mile course just after checkpoint 3.

The A2A course is highlighted by the transition from rural Georgia to quiet suburbs. The famous downhill at Silver Hill where skaters can hit speeds above 45 mph precedes checkpoint seven at approximately 70 miles. Urban skating dominates the rest of the way as skaters pass through Atlanta's "Little Five Points" and "Virginia Highlands" on their way to the finish line in Piedmont Park.

87, 52, or 38 MILES: THREE OPTIONS
With Athens-to-Atlanta, you have three distance options. Start with everyone in Athens and skate the 38-mile event ending up in the rural town of Dacula, Georgia, or you can choose to skate the "whole kielbasa" - the full 87-mile route which ends in festive Piedmont Park in Atlanta, or, new this year, choose the "middle of the road" distance, the 52.4 mile double marathon, from near Dacula to Piedmont Park.

Most recreational skaters will average 9 to 10 mph while the elite men and women average 17-20 mph. As a result, skaters cover the 87 miles in a wide range of finishing times from 4 to 10 hours. 38-mile skaters take 2 to 5 hours to complete their event. 52-mile skaters are expected to come in around the same time as the 87-mile skaters.

F.Y.I.: Normal driving time between Athens and Atlanta's Piedmont Park is 90 minutes.

Starting at the Classic Center in Athens, the Road Skate rolls up and down hills, across flats, and winds through five counties covering small towns and tree-lined suburbs before delivering the skaters into Atlanta's streets and finally Piedmont Park.

Athens-to-Atlanta is an "open road" skate. Participants share the road with cyclists, pedestrians, and automobiles. 38-mile skaters see fewer cars on their part of the course, while 52 and 87-mile skaters must have experience skating in traffic because the last 10 miles traverse Atlanta's well-populated city streets.

Skaters get water, fruit, energy bars and encouragement from dedicated volunteers at any of the eight checkpoints along the way. All checkpoints have restrooms.

The course officially closes at 5:00 p.m.

Note: A police officer is posted at each major intersection of the entire 87-mile route. The lead men and women enjoy police escorts for the critical last 40 miles.

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