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London Inline Marathon
Team e2xn London
Start Date:
Sunday, September 14, 2003
End Date:
Sunday, September 14, 2003
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26 miles, 13 miles, 5 miles
Race Type:

Team e2xn London
75 Hazelwood Road, London, E17 7AJ, UK
Tel.: +44 20 8928 0628
Email: [email protected]
The race is sanctioned by the Federation of Inline Speed Skating (FISS), the internationally recognised governing body for the sport in Great Britain.

Sunday 14 September, 2003

Lee Valley (Eastway) Circuit, London

The course is an officially measured one mile track (26 laps = 26 miles or 41.842km). Basically triangular the track is smooth asphalt, running anti-clockwise with some undulations, bends and hills, making for a challenging and technical course. A lap counter will be positioned adjacent to the Start/Finish line. A bell will be rung at the beginning of the final lap for the lead skaters/groups.

The LONDON INLINE MARATHON is subject to the race regulations of FISS. All decisions of the Organising Committee are final.

Eligibility to Compete
Open Marathon (Elite and Fitness skaters) -- 26 miles
Open to male and female skaters who were born in or before 1986. An elite racer must be licensed with their national federation, and provide proof of licence at the time of registration. Fitness skaters must provide proof of identification upon registration. Parental consent will be required for those skaters who are under 18 on 14 September 2003.

Half Marathon (All Recreational skaters and Speed skaters under 16) -- 13 miles
Open to male and female Recreational skaters (no five-wheelers) aged 13 or over. Open to male and female speed skaters who were born in or before 1989 but no earlier than 1987. Parental consent will be required for those skaters who are under 18 on 14 September 2003.

Mini Marathon (All skaters under 13) -- 5 miles
Open to male and female skaters who were born in or before 1996 but no earlier than 1990.
Parental consent will be required for all skaters in this category.

It is mandatory for all participants to wear helmets.
Other protective equipment, such as wrist guards, knee and elbow pads, is recommended.

Open Marathon
Elite Speed Skaters: M/W, Junior 16 -18, (born 1986 1984), Senior 19 - 34 (1983 1969), Veterans 35 49 (1968 53),
Masters 50 and over (1952 and earlier).
Fitness Skaters: M/W, Junior 16 -18, (born 1986 1984, Senior 19 - 34 (1983 1969), Veterans 35 49 (1968 53), Masters 50 and over (1952 and earlier).

Half Marathon
Speed: M/W 13-15
Recreational: M/W Cadet 13 15, Junior 16 -18, (born 1986 1984, Senior 19 - 34 (1983 1969), Veterans 35 49 (1968 53), Masters 50 and over (1952 and earlier).

Mini Marathon
M/W Infant 6-9, Pupil 10-12

Besides the overall classifications, there are separate age-group classifications.
There is also a team race in each event, team results being determined by adding together the times of the first three finishers (male or female) from a club or other organization. Separate team entries are not required. But only skaters who are pre-registered by 31.08.2003 and have indicated their team on their registration form are eligible to participate in the team race.

Results, Awards and Prizes
All results will be made available through the LONDON ONLINE MARATHON and RRN web pages as quickly as possible after the race.
Awards will be given to the overall winners (male and female), the first three in each classification and to the first three teams.
All competitors who are pre-registered by 07.09.2003 will receive a t-shirt.

Entry fees
17.50 EUR/$27.50* (before 16.07.03) 22.50 EUR/$35.00* (before 16.08.03) 27.50 EUR/$42.50* (before 07.09.03)
Half Marathon:
10.00 EUR/$16.00* (before 16.07.03)
12.50 EUR/$20.00* (before 16.08.03)
15.00 EUR/$24.00* (before 07.09.03)
5.00 EUR/$8.00* (before 16.07.03)
6.00 EUR/$10.00* (before 16.08.03)
7.00 EUR/$12.00* (before 07.09.03)
* Euro and US$ fees for overseas competitors only.
The entry fee may not be claimed back in the event that the participant does not start the race.

Deadline for receipt of registrations is 07 September 2003.
Entries accepted on the day of the event will have a surcharge of 10 (EUR/$16) regardless of category.

Limit: 500 skaters in each race category, please register early to avoid disappointment.

Participation is at the skaters risk. Liability of any kind will be assumed neither by the organizer, the federation, the circuit, sponsors, nor officials. This also applies to accidents, lost items of clothing and other belongings. Collection of race number acknowledges fitness to compete.

The timing is by Real-Time-Championchip. The chip can be purchased for 15.00 or can be rented on the weekend of the event. Competitors wishing to rent the chip deposit 15 when they collect their race number and get back 10 when they return the chip after the race. If they in the meantime decide to keep the chip, their deposit will be retained.
No chip - no participation!

Confirmation of entry will be only sent if the competitor provides an email address.

Race Documentation
The race pack and numbers may be collected from the Victoria Public House, 10a Strathearn Place at Sussex Place, Bayswater, London W2 from 2.00 to 5.00 p.m. on Saturday 13 September and from 9.00 a.m. on race day at the Lee Valley Circuit. Race numbers are to be worn on the outer left thigh and back of each skater. The race number must not be changed in any way.

10 a.m. Recreational Half-marathon
12.30 p.m. Mini-marathon
2.00 p.m. Marathon

First Aid
Emergency First Aid will be provided including an ambulance service.

Refreshment and Water Stations
Course: A refreshment station will be situated some 50 metres from the Start/Finish line. It will open after five laps have been completed in the Marathon and Half-marathon.
Finish: There is a refreshment station for all competitors in the Club Room.

The course will be closed at the following times:
11.45 a.m. Recreational Half-marathon
1.15 p.m. Mini-marathon
4.15 p.m. Marathon
At the respective times officials will not allow skaters to start a further lap of the course.

Changing Rooms and Showers
A limited Changing Room and Showers facility is available at the circuit.
Skaters will not be allowed to leave their belongings in the Change Room except when showering, but must deposit them in the space provided.

Nominated Charities
The London Inline Marathon supports the following registered charities: the National Hospital Development Foundation (the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery) and the Sargent Cancer Fund for Children. Please feel free to support these charities or the charity of your choice by arranging sponsorship of your participation. The London Inline Marathon also supports the National Skate Patrol.

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